Diving fee

2 boat dives35,200 YenIncludes:
2 boat diving guide fee / Transfer from Tokyo to Mikomoto and back / Weight rental fee /
Additional 1 boat dive (Third dive)10,450 YenIncludes:
Additional 1 boat diving fee
If you’re wanna go third dive, let me know when you make a reservation.

Rental gear fee

All rental 11,000 Yen
BCD & Reg5,500 Yen
BCD2,750 Yen
Reg2,750 Yen
Wetsuit 5mm2,750 Yen
Dive computer1,100 Yen
Mask1,100 Yen
Fins1,650 Yen
Snorkel550 Yen
Boots1,100 Yen
Gloves550 Yen
Let me know your size when you make a reservation.

You can choose from a variety of payment methods.